Which of these food labels does it mean?

Which of these food labels does it mean?

The Food and Drug Administration says it is not telling people to avoid low sugar fruits because of the high sugar content.

The agency says that there are too many low-sugar fruit items on the market and that some people are choosing to eat more of the fruits because they are less sugary.

But the FDA says it has been doing research that shows the labels are not telling the truth.

FDA’s Food Safety and Applied Nutrition division released a statement this week saying it is concerned about the potential for consumers to be misled by the labeling.

“Consumers should be aware that a significant portion of products marketed as low-fat, sugar-free or low-glycemic have a sugar content greater than the declared amount, and some of those products are not necessarily low-calorie but low-SFA,” the FDA said.

The FDA also said it will review its current sugar-sweetened fruit labeling guidelines to ensure they are accurate and that consumers can tell the difference between sugar- and low-fructose fruit.

In an attempt to improve consumer understanding of how the labels work, the FDA announced that a new food label will be available to consumers in March 2018.

The new labeling will include more accurate definitions and information about the sugar content of the food.

The FDA said the new label will include the word “Sugar-free” instead of “Sugary.”

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