Which is better: a fruit salsa or fruit cake?

Which is better: a fruit salsa or fruit cake?

Posted by Fox News on Monday, November 10, 2017 04:31:24A fruit salsa is a simple, healthy way to add a tasty, low-calorie sweet treat to your meals.

But a fruit cake is more complex.

It’s also one of the most popular desserts around the country.

And a new study finds that it may be the most addictive, too.

“We found that the fruit cake that people are eating has more addictive qualities than the fruit salsa,” said lead author Amy Stapleton, a food addiction expert at the University of Toronto.

Stapleton and her team tested fruit cakes and fruit salsa at two popular grocery stores in Toronto.

The fruit cake was made with banana, pecans, chocolate and strawberry and served with a topping made from pecants, bananas, chocolate chips and sugar.

The fruit salsa was made from avocado, coconut, mango, mango juice, and maple syrup.

The researchers found that people who ate both types of dessert had significantly more sugar in their bloodstream than those who ate just one.

“The fruit salsa had a more significant impact on the blood sugar levels of the participants, whereas the fruit cakes were less impactful,” Stapton said.

The authors did not have a sample size to compare the effect of each type of dessert, but said the difference in the levels of sugar in the blood could be linked to the amount of fruit in the cake.

The more sugar, the higher the blood pressure.

The researchers believe the fruit and salsa may be making the blood glucose spike.

Staperon added that the researchers found the more sugar people consumed, the more addictive the dessert.

“It could be that the more sweet the dessert, the greater the addiction,” she said.

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