Which food products are being delivered from Amazon Fresh?

Which food products are being delivered from Amazon Fresh?

By Erin GurneyPublished Mar 10, 2018 10:07AM EDTAmazon is making fresh fruit deliveries in more than a dozen states and Canada.

The company, which has grown increasingly popular as a delivery service for consumers, has already been offering delivery in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Austin.

The service, which uses AmazonFresh, is now available in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

The company announced Wednesday that it is expanding to more markets this week.

The food delivery service is part of a push to expand its delivery capabilities to a broader audience.

AmazonFresh, which Amazon has said has been a major driver of the growth of its e-commerce business, has also expanded its delivery services in other cities, including San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

AmazonFresh in New Orleans, for example, launched a delivery program last year.

The AmazonFresh program in the United States started in March and is now in 11 states.

A similar program in Chicago, which launched in February, was expanded to 10 states last year, and AmazonFresh now operates in 12 states.

Amazon said Wednesday it is also adding 10 additional cities, starting in New Hampshire.

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