Starbucks fruit drink ‘may be dangerous’

Starbucks fruit drink ‘may be dangerous’

A new Starbucks drink is causing a stir after a starbucks employee told the media it could be dangerous to eat fruit drinks while pregnant.

Starbucks employees at its Seattle headquarters in Seattle, Washington, were quoted as saying the fruit dip, which includes a green apple, was “toxic.”

The report by The Seattle Times, which is owned by USA Today, quoted one of the employees as saying, “It is definitely a toxin.”

The employee also said it was “not recommended for pregnant women.”

The article quoted the employee saying, “… [I] don’t want pregnant women eating this stuff.”

The Starbucks spokeswoman, Kristin Moore, told The Associated Press that the company “has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of food-borne illness.

We’ve been working with our health team to get a better understanding of what is going on and have some additional measures in place, but we can’t provide any further information at this time.”

She said the company had been working to determine the source of the issue, which has been reported to the Food and Drug Administration.

The report does not say what kind of toxic substances were in the drink.

But a Starbucks spokesperson told The AP that the drink is made with “a combination of organic cane juice and organic beet juice, and has been tested in a number of labs.”

Moore said the drinks were being tested for the presence of pesticides and preservatives.

She said the drink was being tested at Starbucks locations nationwide, but did not provide details.

The AP reported that a company spokesperson said Starbucks would have a “concrete” response when it receives the findings.

“If the results are positive, we will be taking action,” the spokesperson said.

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