Starbucks dragon fruit is a ‘fruits of the sun’

Starbucks dragon fruit is a ‘fruits of the sun’

Starbucks Dragon Fruit, a “fruits from the sun” that can be purchased at the coffee chain, has gained a cult following after being promoted as a healthier alternative to the traditional orange juice and iced tea.

The new fruit is made by fermenting pineapple juice and the juice of a large white plant, and is made from a combination of citrus, ginger and starches including orange juice, rice, corn syrup and sugar.

It is sold in several flavours including iced coffee and strawberry and is available in cans and bottles at some Starbucks stores.

It’s also available at the restaurant chain’s flagship stores. 

A Starbucks spokesperson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) the new fruit was a “fresh, tasty and healthy option”.

“We have been looking for a new way to make a healthy alternative to traditional iced drinks,” the spokesperson said.

“We’ve found the new Starbucks Dragon fruit to be a refreshing alternative to orange juice.

 “It is also available in several tasty flavours.”

Starbucks Dragon Fruit is available as a drink in its popular iced teas, iced milk, ices and cups. “

While we can’t offer a full list of ingredients and can’t guarantee the fruit will taste exactly the same, we are committed to offering our customers a wide range of new and exciting products that are sure to delight,” the Starbucks spokesperson said in a statement.

Starbucks Dragon Fruit is available as a drink in its popular iced teas, iced milk, ices and cups.

The brand has also released a “drink of the day” featuring a range of beverages.

The company’s latest innovation is a “healthy version” of the popular ice cream.

It is made with sugar, water and cream from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Starbuck’s Dragon Fruit comes in five different flavours, with the iced milkshake, the ice milk and the coffee iced cream.

The drink can be found at a number of Starbucks locations including locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

A spokesperson for the Australian Food and Drug Association said the new “healthy alternative” had “proven itself to be well received”.

“Starbucks has a long history of providing healthy products, including ice cream, soft drinks, juices and drinks,” they said.

“The new Dragon Fruit product offers a unique and refreshing alternative and we hope that consumers will consider adding it into their iced drink mix.

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