Japan to ban junk food, sweets, and other snacks as health crisis escalates

Japan to ban junk food, sweets, and other snacks as health crisis escalates

Japan is preparing to ban fruit snacks and sweets as its crisis of food poisoning worsens, as officials warned the country could fall into a “food crisis”.

The country has seen a surge in cases of foodborne illness and dozens of deaths since April, as the number of people suffering from the disease has more than doubled, prompting a national lockdown that began on Monday.

Food and drink giant Takashi Corp, which owns Takashi, said on Wednesday it will limit sales of sweets and fruit snacks to two servings per person per day until the end of the month.

The move comes amid concerns over the spread of the disease, which was first identified in northern China and spread to Japan last month.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said the outbreak of the coronavirus was being closely monitored by Japanese regulators.

“The Ministry of health is actively monitoring the situation in Japan, and as soon as possible will act to take all necessary measures to control the spread,” it said in a statement.

Japan has a high prevalence of the virus, which has so far claimed nearly 1,500 lives, and the outbreak has prompted authorities to close nearly half of its ports, including the port of Kobe, as well as the main airport in Osaka.

The country has also shut schools and government offices in response to the outbreak.

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