How much does this gum mint taste like?

How much does this gum mint taste like?

This gum mint looks and smells a lot like a banana.

And yes, it’s the kind that’s sold in grocery stores.

The ingredient list is identical to those in the popular gum and mint candy bar.

The difference is the ingredient list in this one is for “paw paws” and not “monk fruits”. 

The ingredients list in the fruit gummy  sweetener. 

The fruit gum in this gum is made with a sweetener called “monks fruit” that is made from aniseed, cardamom, and cinnamon.

The sugar is made in a lab by combining a mixture of cornstarch, baking soda, and glucose.

It’s meant to be a sweet treat, like an almond or coconut milk.

The ingredients in the coconut sugar. 

What’s the difference between coconut sugar and coconut oil?

You might think that this coconut sugar would taste very similar to coconut oil, and it does.

But it doesn’t.

The coconut sugar in this gummy tastes a bit different, with less cinnamon and less cardamoms, and a lot more ginger and vanilla.

This coconut sugar is also made with coconut oil. 

How much coconut oil is in this candy?

Coconut oil is an oil made from vegetable oils that is also used as a flavoring in many other foods.

The ingredients are the same as the coconut oil used in gum and nut milk, which is just the addition of coconut oil to the other ingredients. 

You can buy this gum mint on Amazon, and on you can find similar gums for around $4.99 each.

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