California farmers sue Trump administration over drought

California farmers sue Trump administration over drought

California farmers have filed a lawsuit over the Trump administration’s proposed water rationing rules, saying the move will cost them millions of dollars.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Sacramento, alleges that the Trump Administration has been overstepping its bounds in its proposal to regulate water use in the state and that the state has no authority to dictate the future of water usage.

“By making this policy, the Trump Department of Agriculture has placed its thumb on the scale of California’s water resources,” the farmers’ petition states.

“In effect, this means that it is not in California’s best interest to provide water to the state’s farmers.

This policy will cost California millions of jobs and millions of acres of farmland.”

The proposal to ration water use has caused severe shortages across the state.

California has reported over 400 days of drought in the past two years, and water prices have increased to levels that are more than double those of other states.

The farmers’ complaint alleges that California has a long history of water management and that drought has affected farmers and their families for generations.

In the 1800s, the state had its first drought when the San Joaquin River dried up and led to the devastation of millions of agricultural workers.

Since then, California has faced more than 3.5 million water restrictions and more than 7 million lawsuits related to water shortages, according to the National Weather Service.

Farmers say the water ration would force them to pay more for water, forcing them to use more expensive crops and cut back on their operations to keep their operations running.

The California Farm Bureau Federation also claims the proposal will hurt small businesses and farmers, and that it will force farmers to turn to less efficient methods of water use.

California farmers have argued that the current policy will harm the state economically and would hurt the farmers and ranchers that depend on the state for food, water, and irrigation services.

The complaint states that California farmers already pay approximately $1.5 billion a year in sales taxes and the state already spends about $1 billion annually on water management.

The federal government estimates that the proposed policy will increase California’s revenue by $1 trillion, and the proposed water cut would have a negative impact on the economy by lowering the state as a whole’s economic output, the petition states, adding that the plan will have a major impact on agricultural jobs.

The Trump administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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