A ‘fairy’ egg found in an Indian mango is the world’s rarest fruit

A ‘fairy’ egg found in an Indian mango is the world’s rarest fruit

This fruit was found in a mango in Madhya Pradesh, and was nicknamed ‘fart-shaped’ because it contains two little fruit-like eggs.

The fruit was first described in a study published in the journal PLoS ONE, and is one of only two known examples of this species in the world.

It’s named after the fruit’s shape, or ‘fungus’.

The other is the edible fruit called papaya fruit.

The researchers, who were led by the Madhya High School of Agricultural Sciences, said the egg was found by an amateur bee keeper who found it in a flower in the mangoes nursery.

“This egg is the first in India, and it is one that only occurs in a small number of species,” Dr Vimal Vahalani, the senior author of the study and an assistant professor at Madhya Agricultural University, told The Times of India.

“We hope it will be studied and eventually be available for sale.”

The fruit has been collected from two different mangoes in Madhyamapuram, a village near the city of Coimbatore.

The fruit was named after a popular folk tale, where a witch named Papaya Flower was cursed with having the fruit.

“It’s a very rare species,” he added.

“It was only known in the literature by a handful of people.”

Dr Vahals study team found that it was only a few days before the mango was harvested that it hatched.

“Once it hatched it was completely covered in a mushroom-like growth, and had a greenish-brown appearance,” he said.

“Its size was about 50 grams, which is the size of a softball.”

The team then extracted the eggs, and then incubated them for several days in a petri dish.

“The incubation period took several days.

Within two weeks, the eggs hatched,” Dr Dhanush Sharma, a scientist at the University of Madhya-Punjab and lead author of a study on the fruit, said in a statement.

“These eggs have a colour similar to the colour of the flower.

We expect that this colour reflects the fact that it is a fruit of this genus.””

The eggs have been identified as a hybrid between papaya flower and papaya and they resemble the flower’s color.

This is not a common species of fruit.”

The researchers also discovered that the fruit was more common in the wild.

“This species is found in both India and abroad,” Dr Sharma said.

“So far, we know about four species of papaya, but only one species of the papaya species is known in India.”

The scientists also found that the eggs had a similar structure to those found in the papayas.

The researchers said this was a sign that the two eggs had been in the same egg collection for a long time.

Dr Sharma said the fruit could have been collected in the last few years.

“We believe that this is an exceptional case,” he told The New York Times.

“Our findings are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are a first step towards understanding this fascinating fruit.”

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